Total Unreal Tournament 3 Interview

Hello. Thanks for taking the time to talk about the mod.

No problem. It’s our pleasure.

Will there be a back story for this mod? Or is it mostly a new look, new weapons, and new maps.

Micah: The backstory, is essentially that. It’s more of a replayable cooperative game rather than a majorly story driven game. Because we want it to be replayable, we don’t want to choke the fun down with a huge in your face story. Not to say there isn’t one, it just won’t be a primary aspect while you play through. After all, we want to make it fun the third, fourth, or even tenth time around, sometimes if you know what’s going to happen, the game loses it’s fun.

So far this is looking like a fairly large project. How many people are working on this?

Corey: Currently there are 4 working on it. I myself coding, mapping, and texturing. Mark our sound composer. Micah our animator and spokesman, and Tyler our modeler and texturer. We are a small team, but we are working hard and producing things quickly. I’m proud of our team, and what we’ve accomplished so far.

How experienced is your mod team? Has anyone on the team released something else in the past and has anyone done anything with the Unreal Engine?

Corey: We’ve all had a bit of experience on other projects. Mark has made music for other projects and maps. Tyler use to be a weapon modeler for a WW2 mod. Me and Micah created a small mod back in the day that we never released, but it was fun and taught me how full blown Total Converstions were made. Later, me, Micah and Tyler joined up to make a patch for another great mod called Killing Floor for UT2k4. We released that, and many fans loved it.

You have made a point of creating a horror game. Do you plan on throwing in some models and scenarios similar to what can be found in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. or other well known games? Could we possibly even be seeing some cut-scenes?

Micah: The world of Black Sierra isn’t as big as S.T.A.L.K.E.R., but that’s because it’s a mountain, it’s a little hard to find a giant chunk of easy access land in one spot, where as S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is a lot of flat land. We do admit however, that we have taken some aspects of other games into consideration. But we’ve given it our own feel to it. We want the scenarios to be enjoyable time, and time again, but we do want some fixed scenarios to happen in-game to give you that sudden rush of adrenaline in certain maps. As for the cutscenes, we’ll be putting them in, but mainly live ones, rather than pausing the game.

The mod support is now out, can we expect Black Sierra to be making an appearance on the PS3?

Micah: The PC version is our main focus, especially when it comes to bug testing. But we will put full effort into making sure that Black Sierra will be fully compatible for the PS3.

How many maps are currently completed/are in progress? And how many can we expect for the first release?

Corey: None of our maps are complete yet as they are all fairly large. You can walk from beginning to end in our first map, and our 3rd map, a forest, is getting there. I’m currently working between 2 maps, mostly trying to get the forest done. We may have around 8 maps done by the end, but that can change depending on how large we make them, if we need to split things up, or if we come up with more ideas. It’s hard to say exactly this early.

Now for the question everybody’s wanting to hear. Have you set a release date?

Micah: We really hate when mods never release a date. But in all honesty, after you start a major project, you learn why very fast. We can’t give out a specific date, because some months you get tons done, and others nothing happens. You can’t possibly estimate that time either. Thats just the way it works, so we’re just going to have to say, “When it’s done”.

Thank you and good luck with the mod. I hope to be talking with you again.

Thank you.