I only have two things to say…..Pretty screenshots. And a freaking in-game video.

Its all got to go!Its all got to go!Its all got to go!Its all got to go!Its all got to go!Its all got to go!Its all got to go!Its all got to go!

Our early build of the game, a WIP obviously. Nirvana – You Know You’re Right

And a test demo of how doors should work in Black Sierra. Pretty sweet if I do say so myself.

Okay so I have more to say than just that. As we currently stand, we are aiming for a public demo around August of 2009 in order to enter for the MSU contest, as well as get valuable input from the community. The demo is planned to include 3-4 maps, a handful of weapons, and of course multiplayer coop madness.

On a side note, Black Sierra is now officially one year old, plus like a month or two depending on how you look at it. We were originally going to post a video for our birthday, but got side tracked and decided we’d wait to do it now (which just so happens to be voting time *shifty eyes*).

Now Go Vote! http://www.moddb.com/mods/black-sierra

Sep 2008

Hey guys, this week we are going to mix it up some. While in the last post we showed more than enough, this month I’ve been really busy at coding in alot of the features that have me, as well as the team, excited.

Probably the greatest thing I’m excited about is the player count condition. This will allow us to change any of the events in a map depending on how many players there are ingame, and will change dynamically when players enter or leave the game. From the amount of monsters that are in a map, to the way a puzzle can be solved, to a whole other path opening, the possibilites are endless to what can be changed and suited well to the amount of players ingame.

Ammo Giving – This will allow you to look at another player and give them a clip from the weapon you are holding. Very useful when your “spray and pray” friend is always low on ammo. When your not looking at a teammate, the same button can be used to broadcast to everyone on your team the weapon you are carrying and how much ammo it has. Weapon dropping is also possible.

Location – The name of the room your teammates are in will appear on the scoreboard as well as the chat messages they send (much like UT2k4) so you have a rough idea of where they are at all times.

Voice notifications – When teammates are reloading or their health/ammo is low, among other things, they will shout outloud automatically to keep everyone in check.

Health – Teammates health will appear on screen when you look at them, telling you if they are hurt, dying, healthy, etc. so your able to heal them in time.

Medical Satchels – You’ll find many of these item’s scattered about maps, which can be used on you or your teammates.

Objectives – Will appear on the scoreboard so you and your teammates know what needs doing.

There are many other things we are working on to make the coop experience even better.
Aside from that, we are working hard at getting playermodels done, and plan on showing them when they are more complete. Mark has also been working hard at getting us sounds when needed.

Badass Splitscreen

Splitscreen Shot

We do need more hands, so if your interested in helping us we have positions open for:
Modelers – We need models ranging from lamps to machinary. Being able to texture them yourself and model vegitation is a plus.
Texturers – We need playermodels, blood and grime decals, as well as other models textured.
Coder – Someone who can code in the more advanced features and has a good amount of knowledge in AI.

Drop us a line on our forum: www.blacksierramod.com/bb/.