Jun 2008
Latest News: Player Model & New Member
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So, even though Corey and I have been completely hooked on playing Company of Heroes (WW2 RTS) all this month (Who knew listening to British people complain about the rain in a game could be so much fun!) we have some way or another, managed to get quite a bit rolled out in the terms of content. Not only have we managed to improve the gameplay (thanks to a nifty sprint button and other changes), but we’ve also managed to grab ourselves a Player Modeler by the name of Alex. He’s fluent in both Maya and zBrush.

As you can see the model is still a work-in-progress, but the general layout has been handed down to me so I can start the animating process as Alex goes into a more detailed phase of creating the character.

With the addition of a player modeler, and summer getting closer (okay, Summer has nothing to do with it) we’ve put ourselves into a little higher of a gear and started producing more. With tons of improvements to our current map selection, Corey has managed to add a lot of creepier atmosphere and Tyler’s managed to pump out another shotgun (which ironically doesn’t need to be pumped). Added to the list of Black Sierra S.W.A.T weapons (being that it’s selectable at the beginning of the game, rather than findable) is the Benelli M1014 JSS automatic shotgun. Ranging around 4,781 Polies.


On a smaller note, we’d like to just thank everyone for watching the modification and giving such great support. With over 100+ watchers, forum users (you know who you are) and even everyone who’s been interested in joining the team, we’ve had tons of encouragement and support in general.


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