May 2008
New Site and More
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In our Black Sierra update this month, we have a couple things to mention. One of the nicest changes we’ve made; happens to be the new website we’ve moved to. Yes, yes, we took everyone’s suggestion and got rid of the freewebs site. The new website will allow everyone to access everything all in one easy ad-free environment, this will include all our updates that we have here on Moddb, and some more exclusive information that will follow along the progress of production more closely. In addition to a much cleaner website, we’ve imbedded a new and professional forum in the same place.

As for actual game updates, Black Sierra has fixed the way it handles map switching. We’ve managed to link all maps together which allows for a quick ingame loading time, along with keeping all the information about the player, such as points, health, ammuniton and weaponry thoughout a whole game. This puts players into a position where a more logical approach is required to finish the campaign, as well as giving players a better reason to use team work. If a player rushes into battles, and loses health, his low-state of health will transfer to the next map resulting in higher chances of death later on.

We have also managed to put another weapon in-game, it is an effective fully automatic primary weapon that can be selected at the beginning of the game.

M4A1 Render

And that pretty much sums up our post this month, we appologize that it’s a little small but we’ve been perfecting a few really big things this month that we’re just not ready to show off yet. However, I promise it’s actually a nice leap forward and it’s coming along very steadily. We are all very hard at work here, and we hope everyone has enjoyed this update. So until next time, keep BSin’!

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