Apr 2008
April Update
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Okay, so even though we skipped a month, we’re still sure you’ll be as excited as ever to read our update.

For the past two months we’ve been working on some core game play techniques, including such would be a working flashlight, and a reload code. The flashlight isn’t your typical horror game flashlight, and we’re proud to say that. It’s more of an accessory than a necessity, where as most horror games you are forced to have a flashlight that either A. lasts only 5 seconds before needing recharged or B. requires being held without a weapon. In Black Sierra that’s not the case. Rather than having the popular shoulder flashlight, or even a headlamp; your weapons are equipped with a flashlight. These flashlights won’t die on you, they’ll actually allow light further than a foot in front of your face, and they are also dynamic, meaning that when you reload, the flashlight follows where the weapon is pointing, not always sitting in the middle of the screen. However, not all weapons are equipped with them, in fact most civilian weapons won’t have one to balance it out and mix it up.

Mine Tunnel
Colt Idle Colt Reload

We have also had another interview this time with the Total Gaming Network. It was another small interview, but it gives some more insight on where we’re heading with Black Sierra, and we always enjoy answering questions from the community. As always, if any major questions have been left out, we encourage you to ask away in the comments section, we’ll be happy to answer. Apart from getting some of the more highlights implemented, we’ve also been tweaking code, better atmosphere, and working out a lot of the basic story-line that the players will follow. Although we’ve been making a whole lot of good progress, in one of our last chat sessions among the team, we’ve decided to officially rule out melee weapons. We may add it in at a later date, but currently we feel that it’ll just take a lot away from the feel and game play of Black Sierra.

And that pretty much wraps up our update for the month, we are hoping to be able to get some better screenshots, and possibly a small video in the next few months so we encourage everyone to stay tuned, sign up on the forums, and give us a shout out with your suggestions, and feedback.

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