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Cooperative Gameplay: Black Sierra is an Action-Horror game, aimed to draw in a scare, and an adrenaline rush. With plenty of creatures ready to rip through your flesh, players will be challenged to work as a team to survive and complete their mission by evacuating the various mountain areas. With maps, gameplay, weapons, creatures and even special triggers thoroughly designed and balanced to support 2-5 friends in this cooperative shooter. Black Sierra aims to succeed in where all other games fail.

However; we understand there are some games that over-do the cooperative aspect of the game, and as such the aspect of requiring a team-mate in order to pass won’t be pushed upon you. Recently games have been designing cooperative games where they force you to either require a really good team-mate in order to get the most out of the gameplay, sometimes even forcing you into having AI, which is often buggy and tend to dull down the singleplayer experience to a point of being unplayable. Games such as Resident Evil 5, Gears of War, and even Army of Two can be a great deal of fun if you have the proper team-mate, but also force you to have that proper team-mate in order to play. And we all have at least one friend who we tend to play with that just aren’t up to par with such a gameplay. So here at Black Sierra, we’re working hard to provide a great and in-depth multiplayer, cooperative, horror survival game that is a ton better with a good team mate, but not dreadful when you’re missing one.


General Gameplay: As apart of a tactical unit; you and your squad will have to work as a team to complete your mission. Reversing the usual process of making a player climb to his destination to investigate, the player(s) are transported by air to the top of the mountain and are sent to locate the missing Search and Rescue workers in the mines. After finding the gruesome remains of the team, your squad understands that it needs to fall back to the bottom of the mountain before you’re torn to shreds. As you and your squad search through the various areas on the mountain during your decline you’ll enter various scenarios which will give player(s) a fun, and exciting challenge throughout the game.

Gameplay conists mainly of a moderately paced first-person shooter. Faster than tactical games such as Rainbow Six, and Ghost Recon. Yet slower than Unreal, and other run and gun games. Tactics aren’t forced upon anyone, yet the ability to stick together, protect yourself and your squad has been added in order to increase the depth of the game beyond fire and reload.


Monsters: The big and the tough are the monsters of the past, Black Sierra offers a new breed; the fast and the fearsome. Avoiding creatures from simply just jumping out of dark corners (Doom 3 anyone?), or bursting through windows at every turn to make you jump. Black Sierra aims to create the terror of the beast. Fearless of man and in a savage blood frenzy, these creatures blend into their surroundings, and are known to attack when you’re least expecting it.

Merging from the deep of uncharted underground caverns in the mountains, these scaled beats are a carnivorous species unknown to man. Cannibalistic and aggressive from being kept underground for decades as they fed on each other in attempts to survive in their light-less world, these beast are ruthless and skilled hunters. Blind, yet surprisingly agile they’re fit with razor sharp talons, and rows of teeth ready to tear apart their victims in a merciless take down. After a group of miners manage to blow a hole connecting the mines to the caverns they are unleashed upon the mountain, spreading out to avoid being eaten from their own kind they start feasting upon the livestock and a few secluded people. After nesting down in their new surrounding, the beasts go into a blood frenzy and start wandering into towns where their new favourite meal is located

Maps & Terrain: Ranging from mines, to towns and into dark forests Black Sierra provides you with a bone-chilling atmosphere in which these creatures lurk in the dark. As you explore, you’ll encounter fully furnished houses, dark forests, desolate towns and more where you’ll be required to over come death as a team as you’re hunted.

Detail is the key, as the world is properly furnished, and grime is added. You’ll find yourself in a stunning world of realism as you explore the world with maps and textures (an object’s color, and painted detail) that are carefully done to capture the player into his/her surroundings with a haunting atmosphere.

Arms & Equipment: Deployed with police and military grade weapons, you’ll be set to move your way through the mountain of Black Sierra with weapons such as the M4A1, the G36C, and the Colt 45. Attached to certain weapons that’ll give you more than just a weapon will be attachments such as Flashlights, Reddots, and Foregrips. When your ammunition is diminished or you’re injured, search through forsaken homes and various spots to locate ammunition, painkillers or a civilian weapon such as the Ruger 14 rifle, or a Remington Shotgun. And as a bonus, your flashlight lasts forever, no recharging, no searching for batteries, a perfect flashlight attached to certain weapons ready to go.

Difficulty is designed to increase through the weapons you carry, properly the military weapons shred through the monsters and are quick to reload, yet as you’re forced to scavenge for ammo, players realize they must acquire civilian weapons in order to keep up with ammo, as they downgrade into the civilian life of weapons, they’ll soon realize the beasts become that much more deadly as reloading takes longer, flashlights disapear, and accuracy adjusts. Players will have to make a choice; ammo or power?