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5 Player Co-op: Play along side up to four other players (or friends if you happen to have any of those) as you trench down the deadly mountains. From start to finish Co-Op is encouraged, without forcing you to have to play with horrible AI if you happen to have no friends.
Singleplayer Experience for Cooperative Play: No grueling story is forced upon anyone, yet we strive for a singleplayer experience. A singleplayer game with a rich, and atmospheric game that isn’t dampened by the extra players. The desperation of trying to survive a cruel world as players fight to survive without losing it’s touch just because an extra player joins.

 Ammunition Swapping: A lot of cooperatives games lack a very important feature, the ability to help your friend out! In Black Sierra players are able to report their ammo count for the weapon they are currently holding, as well as pass along that ammo to another all with the same push of a button.

 ”Smart System”: Monsters, pickups, paths and objectives can change depending upon how many players are present. With the “Smart System” weapons and ammo change depending on the loadouts of those present, along with random spawns. This allows for a more replayable game as that spawn for the best weapon won’t be there. Players are given a roll of the dice in order to see what a pickup may produce for them, this even allows for nothing to appear at times. Keeping players on their toes at all times even during the second time through.

Ghost (Death) System: Using a new twist in player deaths, players are given a half and half when it comes to being punished for dying. There are two statuses, Ghost and Alive. There is an infinite number of respawns, however whenever a player dies their status is set to “Ghost”, and respawn with only a pistol and must gather weapons again. They can continue to spawn until all players have died at least once, setting everyone to “Ghost” status. Which then restarts the map. However; all hope is not lost, as players can revive their “Live” status by using Medical Satchels.

Explorable & Interactive World: When we say the world is interactive, we don’t mean every building explodes into pieces, or that you have millions and millions of miles to explore. But what we do mean is that maps are being created to give players a vast area to explore, yet sticking with a linear story-style game. Rather than making a giant world where players have to constantly run back and forth between maps in order to complete pointless tasks, the players goal is always to reach the bottom of the mountain alive, yet have multiple optional areas to explore, being rewarded with story pieces, weapons, ammo, and even optional scenarios.

Split-Screen: What would the world be today without split-screen gameplay? LAN parties are a hassle, and monitors have grown rather large. Although it’ll be required to have a 360 Controller plugged into your PC, the ability to play up to 4 player split-screen with friends on the same PC is what co-op is all about, small screen sizes for everyone!

Classic Style-Play: Going back to the the more classic days of shooters, players must find health packs (known as Medical Satchels) in order to heal, no regeneration of health, no crazy reviving games, or even rechargable health “guns”. When players die, they must respawn, not lay and wait for hours to be revived, nor can they hide behind a tree and swallow a magic pill to instantly heal every 5 seconds. Medical Satchels are spawned randomly about the map, and are rare to find. Players must be wise when engaging, and stick together in order to provide the best chance of survival