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An Unreal Tournament 3 Modification

Cooperative Survival-Horror

Set in modern times, Black Sierra is set upon a fictional mountain where its habitants have disappeared. Communication, trade, and signs of life from the communities stop after a group of miners break into a deep and complex cavern system where a group of carnivorous beasts resided in. Now set free, and with no reason to fear man. These beasts spread out, and prey upon the communities of the mountain. Weeks pass as missing persons reports increase before communications stop all together. Now after a Search and Rescue team goes missing suddenly, it is your squad’s job to find them and extract them. However; after finding yourself in the mists of the S&R’s remains, your objective clearly becomes to just make it down the mountain alive.

Black Sierra is a basic first person shooter at heart, but is being completely designed with cooperative gameplay in mind without going over the top. Teamwork is encourage greatly, yet it will never be forced upon anyone to require a team mate in order to win. Maps, pickups, monsters, weapons, and events are designed to be played with friends (or strangers if you have no friends), yet at the same time never requiring an AI team mate if you feel like playing alone.

Survival is carefully planted into the mix as your team runs low on ammunition for their high-grade weapons, and are forced to acquire civilian weapons, ranging from shotguns to hunting rifles. Slowly the chance of survival decreases as weapon reload time increase, less ammo is held per clip, and it’s accuracy degrades. Pitting players with a choice of holding onto their beloved high-tech weapons, or snatching a low-grade one in order to have plenty of ammo.